N is a symbol of strength, it is the mark of belief and hope, it is the nth term of resilience. N is that neatly crafted piece of art, it is that network that connects. N is a name, it is a niche, it is our nature at its best. N has lived without telling what it truly is, its world is constantly shaped through the words of others, their options, and actions, N has been Nelegected, overused, and more often than less overlooked

N is me, N is You, N is

us both at home and is in diaspora, and in N’s world we are our own stories and we tell our truth.

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Everybody is the hero in their own story, you should be the hero in your own story […] you should see yourself conquering, you know, the dramatic action of whatever you’re trying to do. So when you get to crisis, you know how to deal with it. You should be able to do that. And there are people that come in and help you with your story, but you have to be the person who deals with the conflicts that are in place…

Boseman Chadwick via The Daily Show