Otto Canon launches a sustainability talk series

The Podcast : Sustainability Unscripted
The Podcast: Sustainability Unscripted!

The highly anticipated podcast on everything sustainability is just launched. Hurray ?
From panel conversations and interviews to conferences, this podcast hopes to streamline conversations about how change makers and leading sustainable projects can influence the general public to do the same.

Sustainability Unscripted is a talk series that will capture break-time conversations on developmental challenges around the world.

This conversation is a talk series that will be enacted through global experts, professionals, and consultants in government, education, and research, and I am poised to bring light to questions surrounding sustainability.

The panel discussions are committed to sensitizing and motivating our culturally diverse audience to know and act in accordance with the sustainable development goals So that by 2030 and beyond, we would all have made a difference through our projects and social reform strategies.

This podcast is an arm of CleanCyclers; a community of social-driven volunteers who are committed to making the world a better place.

As we look towards having the best series on sustainability, we hope and trust that this conversation and engagement will lead to a more sustainable development goal-oriented project that will end poverty, improve health care, bring quality education, and more.

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