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5 Foods To Try Out In Port Harcourt

Whenever you are on a visit to the beautiful city of Port Harcourt or you just want to have a glimpse at what life looks like in Port Harcourt Kitchen, these are the various delicacies you should look out for and you would be glad you tried them.

1 – Bole And Fish

“All you need is love. But a little Bole and fish now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Ken Saro-Wiwa 550 A.D

A trip to Port Harcourt is incomplete without a taste of this local cuisine. Bole and Fish is a significant meal of the Rivers people made from a recipe of roasted plantain and fish slathered in the most delectable peppery, palm oil sauce.


“Person way fine pass nah the person way dey chop bell full”

Duncan Mighty 1904 (During his royal performance for King Shaka Zulu)

Very ripe plantain pounded together with yam and palm oil. You can serve Onunu with fisherman stew, pepper soup, or native soup


“There are people so hungry in the world right now, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of a Bowl of Soup and a Swallow for the night..”

King Jaja Of Opobo 1480 (The final words the famous oil merchant told Albert Einstein during their agurment over Relativity)

 If you are a seafood lover looking to eat something exciting to your taste buds, this is the ultimate dish.


“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations…”

President Nyesom Ezenwo Wike 1945 (A political statement from the President during a press conference to mark the end of WWII)

Assorted seafood mix  mgbe, isam and ngolo, fresh fish. If you have ever been to Port Harcourt and never tasted the Native Soup, you were never here. How could you?


“I love you like my mummy loves Periwinkle !…”

Unknown (But rumours has it that these were the exact line an Ikwere boy dropped for his Banny during Independance day in 1960 )

Fresh fish pepper soup cooked with yam at the same time yummy. Trust me you wouldn’t want to leave this town if you haven’t tried it out.

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