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Let’s meet BRITELLA

The Nigerian-born otto Bridgen popularly known as Britella is an Afro dancehall singer, performer, and songwriter.
A mechanical Engineer from Coventry university Malaysia, Britella is from PortHarcourt and has won several awards such as the Best performer award, Best male artist award in Malaysia, and many more.

He is labeled as one of the most promising young talents in Africa right now for his melodic vocals, songwriting prowess, and his ability to create good music that would definitely connect with your soul. He is definitely one to be looked out for as he has a lot of content, singles, and videos coming out this year.

What has your creative journey been like so far, media industry, early experience, and other experiences related to the media industry?

My creative journey so far has been amazing, no doubt you know I make good music and people who pay attention can’t deny that fact.

It’s been an amazing journey, thank you to all the amazing producers and engineers who worked with me

The music industry is rigged but I’m just here creating good music and waiting for my time
Well my experience from the industry is this nobody is real out there they just trying to take advantage of every opportunity they get … grab whatever they can grab from you and leave but trust me I have been very sensitive to such people

And I make life difficult for them nowadays!

What inspires you, what’s your motivation?

My struggles inspire me, and most especially the accident I had on 5/10/2018 changed my mentality and it was a big inspiration for my forthcoming Ep titled “FOR SO LONG”

Can you give us a few projects you had fun working on, and some projects you had headaches on?

Lately, I worked on an ep “FOR SO LONG” which I released sometime in JULY 2021. So everything I have been doing ever since is to get the word out there about my most recent project. By the way, it is great sound so check it out.

What’s your magic-making formula?

Music is my religion and I never struggle to make music it comes naturally
My magic-making formula is smart work

What’s the Next thing for Britella ?

This year we got lots of music coming, videos and many more

Advice for people looking to delve into your industry?

If you wanna delve into the music industry be yourself and stay focused. Always have the mind of your own and most importantly Believe in God

What are your social media handles?

On Twitter as - @britella 
On Facebook as - Britella Britella 
On IG as - @britella _britellar

Nobody is real out there they just tryna take advantage of every opportunity they get … grab whatever they can grab from you and leave but trust me I have been very sensitive to such people, and I make life difficult for them nowadays !


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