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Let’s meet Henry

Alright,, Henry Amadi Manuchim is my name, stage named (Henry talker), I’m From Rivers State Nigeria, Obio/Akpor LGA Port Harcourt to be precise, Born grew up and schooled in Port Harcourt,

Coming from a family of 5, Dad, Mum and 2 siblings no sister LolZZ.

What has your creative journey been like so far, media industry, early experience, and other experiences related to the media industry?

My journey into the media industry has been full of surprises from day one.
This journey started from my primary school days, every end of the year party in school, I always read the news and also I never knew my father was actually preparing me for the Media Industry, because then it can’t be 9 pm at the Dot and you are watching any other television channel if not NTA Network News. (tho I would say he saw the vision before me)

At the age of 7-10, I can Memorize the names of some of the newscasters on NTA television, RSTV & AIT, and also I can hum some of the news beds of some radio stations in Port Harcourt.

First I started as a blogger in 2015 known as TALKERSTREND that blog gave birth to an online tv known as (TALKERSTREND TV).

In the long run, I discovered another part of me that was forgotten for a long time lolz 😆 Maybe due to the lack of understanding of what the whole profession was And that is been a BROADCASTER, So after then I started developing it, taking media classes online going for seminars, Rehearsals and that’s it.

So I started Radio with a campus Radio station (Excelfm 103.7) where I host an entertainment show THE FRENZY FRIDAY SHOW every Friday, and am also a freelance OAP with 99.5 Wishfm Port Harcourt.

What inspires you, what’s your motivation?

I get inspired by other Great Broadcasters and media Moguls I come across. My motivation is Consistency, Working Hard, Humility, and trying to be the best at everything I do.

Can you give us a few projects you had fun working on, and some projects you had headaches on?

Ohhhh yea unfortunately I have had lots of fun working on so many projects but recently I had the best fun ever working on a Monthly music project known as the (Listening Party Naija)

And currently, I am working on a project known as (AS IT IS) it’s an interview show for industry personnel, it’s coming pretty soon to your screens, 😁 funny enough this is the first place am saying this.

And also a particular project giving me Headaches right now is a talk show known as (THE TAP SHOW) the preparation for this project is heavy and my team and I will be ready to let it out in 2022, so watch out.

What’s your magic-making formula?

Emmmmm…..My magic formula has been the GRACE of GOD in my CAREER yeah nothing else.

What’s the Next thing for Herny Talker?

The Next Big thing for Henrytalker I think we should keep all fingers crossed 🤞 enjoying the process, while we let the BIG NEWS come gradually.

Advice for people looking to delve into your industry?

My advice for young folks who want to come into the media is this, the media industry is a competitive ground, you have to top up your game at all times, put God First, Believe in yourself, Accept corrections, be consistent, and work Smart & Hard.

What are your social media handles?

On IG @official_Henrytalker
On Twitter @henrytalkerr
On Facebook @Henry talker

At the age of 7-10 I can Memorize the names of some of the news casters on NTA television, RSTV & AIT and also I can hum some of the news beds of some radio stations in port harcourt !

Herny Talker

With your favorites songs, give us your Ten track Playlist

10, Siki ft ksly – JUMOKE
9, Jaywon – AJE
8, Goodgirl & Vector – EARLY MOMO
7, Oxlade ft showdem camp – MYSELF
6, JimohSoundz ft. Siki – POKER
5, Dookei – BABY
4, Olamide – ROCK
3, Nazzy ft 1da baton – FREE
2, Buju ft. Ladipoe – FEELING
1, Miliyano – STORY

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