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Meet Prizca Melanin

Prisca Amopho, popularly known as @prizca_melanin is fast rising Entrepreneur and fashion model sensation. She is indeed very proud of her complexion and does the most to flaunt her God-given beauty before the cameras at any given opportunity

What has your journey been like so far?

My journey so far has been an interesting experience, it’s has been a ride that has kept me on my feet, What has been a takeaway from all my endeavors is that authenticity is what makes it all come together.
No matter the industry you find yourself be it SME, fashion, education, or the financial sector you must stay true to your story and your audience.

What inspires you, what’s your motivation?

I am inspired and motivated by being able to wake up every day, and having the ability to do what I love, be it fashion or my other interest.

Can you give us a few projects you had fun working on, and some projects you had headaches on?

Fun projects for me are mostly depending on perspective, and for me, that has to do with me just finding the positive side of whichever project or task I chose to get involved in.

What’s your magic-making formula?

I have no magic formula, but if I would have to mention something I would say “constant self-improvement”. and positive outlook.

What’s the Next thing for Prisca?

My focus right now is how to project Africa and myself to the world. doe I’m working on myself and I have something interesting coming up in the near future

Advice for people looking to delve into your industry?

Improve on yourself consistently, and do not doubt your greatness.

What has been a takeaway from a ll my endeavours is that authenticity is what makes it all come together !

Prisca Amopho

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